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The Cultural Center for Language and Training (CCLT) is an Arabic language school situated in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, and managed by people with more than 20 years of experience in related fields.

Arabic Courses

Arabic Language is the 5th most widely spoken language in the world with over 400 million speakers (native and non-native). It’s an instrument to understand Islamic culture and the society of 14 countries.

Discover Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Born from an ancient and rich culture, Morocco is an interesting gateway to learn about Arab world. Get to know Morocco through our experiential learning activities.


CCLT offers Arabic Programs and content courses, semester and study abroad programs, and academic and cultural trips. We partner with important domestic and international universities in order to enhance our unique services.

Learn French in Rabat, Morocco

French is also a very important language in Morocco. Moroccans often switch from Moroccan Arabic to French during daily conversation. French is so deeply rooted that its status in Morocco will continue to be the most dominant language in the years to come. CCLT offers French courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Learn French in Rabat, Morocco

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Special Program for Adventurers in Morocco

Come study Arabic in Morocco and combine your love of language with a wonderful pastime (cooking, music, pottery, or calligraphy) through Moroccan Arabic/ Modern Standard Arabic Plus (+)

The Ideal Environment for Intercultural Growth in a Global World

The Cultural Center for Language and Training (CCLT) is an academic cultural institution that provides Arabic courses for foreign students, French courses for foreigners and expatriates, as well as English courses for Moroccans. In addition to language acquisition, we commit ourselves to help our students develop a deep understanding of the culture surrounding their target language, whether it be English or Arabic, through cultural activities, trips, and debates.

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Fostering Intercultural Understanding: Cultural Activities, Host families, and Trips

The combination of in-class learning, living with Moroccan host families, and organized academic trips aims to give foreign students the opportunity to experience Morocco’s rich cultural diversity firsthand. With these three important aspects, our students at CCLT will gain a deeper intercultural understanding; starting from ‘culture shock’ when they first arrive, through the acceptance phase, and finally, to appreciation. The pre-departure manual and on-site orientation will help facilitate intercultural understanding for people aiming to study Arabic in Rabat.

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Explore Morocco

Exploring Important Cultural and Historic Sites through Organized Trips

The academic and cultural trips aim to strengthen and enrich students’ knowledge and understanding of Moroccan cultures through organized trips to historical cities such as Fez and Volubilis (Roman ruins), the Sahara Desert, and indigenous Berber villages. In addition to exploring Morocco’s regions and diverse characteristics, students are also able to attend guest lectures and visit local non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These experiences allow our students to explore the vast cultural diversity that Morocco has to offer and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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People behind CCLT

Director Mohamed Baghdadi has more than 20 years of experience in the field of organizing, hosting, and supervising semester-long, yearlong, and customized study abroad programs for American and British university students. Mohamed has acquired a great deal of practical experience in the field of study abroad thanks to his open-mindedness, creativity, and adaptability. He first started as a language teacher of English and Arabic, and then became the Coordinator of the Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF).In 2008, Mohamed founded the IES Abroad Rabat study-abroad program, which he directed until 2013. This was one of many centers around the world belonging to the Institute for the International Education of Students.

Throughout this time, Mohamed has also played an active role in organizing and chaperoning academic and cultural excursions for his students. Mohamed has taken students to the Sahara desert, Moroccan indigenous villages and historical cities, Southern Spain, France, and Senegal.

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Mohamed Baghdadi, director of CCLT

Mohamed Baghdadi

Director & Founder


CCLT Morocco partners with several institutions to bring students from different countries to learn Arabic in Rabat, Morocco, including Dartmouth College and LIU Global.

In addition to the intensive Arabic and 1 content course, CCLT took Dartmouth LSA 2015 program students on an academic and cultural trip to the desert in order to explore some of the socioeconomic issues in the south and the history of Morocco’s Jewish population. The trip received excellent reception and attention from the Moroccan press.

CCLT is honored to be among Yale University’s extensive network of organizations conducting outreach on behalf of YYAS program in Africa. Learn more about the program.

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What People say about our School


Thank you so much for making our experience in Morocco so wonderful! We really appreciate all your welcoming hospitality. Can not wait to come back to Morocco. Peace and Happiness!

Kyra, USA
This was such an excellent summer in so many ways, and I thank the staff of the CCLT for working tirelessly to make it so. It was a joy to see and interact with all of you every day and it was magnificent to experience this country with your guidance. Until we meet again.
Sharidan Russell, Dartmouth College
I want to thank everyone in the CCLT for making this summer a great one.
I learned so much and gained valuable skills. I am so happy that Dartmouth chose the CCLT because without it we would have been completely lost.

Javier Garcia, Dartmouth College
The CCLT was an incredible experience, not only academically, but personally as well. The staff teachers truly care for the well being of all students. I hope to visit in the future.

Jessica A. kocan, Dartmouth College