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Director & Founder

Mohamed Baghdadi

The Executive Director Mohamed Baghdadi has 20 years of experience in the field of organizing, hosting, and supervising semester-long, yearlong, and customized study abroad programs for American and British university students. Mohamed has acquired a great deal of practical experience in the field of study abroad thanks to his open-mindedness, creativity, and adaptability. He first started as a language teacher of English and Arabic, and then became the Coordinator of the Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF).In 2008, Mohamed founded the IES Abroad Rabat study-abroad program, which he directed until 2013. This was one of many centers around the world belonging to the Institute for the International Education of Students.

Throughout this time, Mohamed has also played an active role in organizing and chaperoning academic and cultural excursions for his students. Mohamed has taken students to the Sahara desert, Moroccan indigenous villages and historical cities, Southern Spain, France, and Senegal.

Mohamed Baghdadi is also a certified foreign language trainer, and holds a diploma from the Centre National de la Formation des Inspecteurs de l’Enseignement and has an ACTES Certificate (Advanced Certificate for Teacher Education and Supervision) from Morey House College of Education in Edinburgh, UK. His main field of interest is language and cultural education and cross-cultural understanding. He also enjoys Berber and Amazigh music from the Middle Atlas Mountains region of Morocco and more recently, has been interested in exploring the effects of the Arab Spring on Berber movements in North Africa.