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Social Contribution

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While CCLT is not a non-profit organization, it works closely with Moroccan NGOs both in Rabat as well as in other areas of the country. CCLT is committed to donating up to 5% of its net profit to NGOs working to decrease unemployment, women’s illiteracy rates, and improve the lives of children needing special protection in the country’s rural areas.

Volunteer Work

CCLT provides volunteer opportunities to its enrolled students in one of the existing NGOs in Rabat. We will do our best to match students’ previous volunteer experiences or qualifications with the needs and desires of the NGOs they are placed with. Through volunteering, students will be fully immersed in local NGO culture which will allow them to connect directly with a variety of at-risk populations. Such groups include Moroccan children with difficult home lives, disabled children, or illegal immigrants. The students’ volunteer work is highly appreciated by the local community, since it helps alleviate the suffering of the community’s less fortunate.

Students who are interested in part-time volunteer work should send their CVs/resumés along with their application forms. Please feel free to contact the Center for more information regarding these opportunities.