Celebrating Mawlid Nabawi and Christmas

Fatima Zahra Kaddar
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Mawlid Nabawi

Birthday celebrations are very important to every one of us. They are the only way to remember and enjoy the memory of our birth and being shown love and affection by others. They just make you feel special, don’t they?

This is the case for celebrating the Mawlid Nabawi and Christmas. Mawlid Nabawi –the birth of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)- by all Muslims everywhere on earth. This celebration is deeply rooted in history. The Mawlid is a joyful event during which Muslims gather to thank Allah for sending his messenger to spread love and illuminate evil. Muslims commemorate this event repeatedly every year on the 12th of Rabee` al’Awwal, which is the day when the Prophet was born.

The Celebration of Prophet Mohammed’s birth is motivated by the respect that Muslims have towards their prophet and their willingness to have him as a model for trust, forgiveness, love and assistance of the needy. Celebrating Mawlid in Morocco is expressed through talking about the life of the prophet in a joyful spirit by singing, wearing colorful clothes and exchanging visits.

In Some cities in Morocco, some Sufi sects celebrate the prophet’s birthday through religious chants and drums.

In the city of Meknes and Sale for Example, some people dress up in magnificent embroidered costumes and walk down the streets to the tombs of their patron saints under the sound of drums and flutes. Once at the tomb, they place magnificent, huge lanterns made from intricately carved pieces of multicolored wax. How beautiful is that to watch!
The Mawlid is a great opportunity to see the range of interpretations and practices of Muslims towards the Prophet. It is all about the love of the prophet.
Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, celebrated generally on December 25th as a religious and cultural holiday by Christians all around the world.

In December, Christians decorate their houses with Christmas trees full of lights, baubles, tinsel, and stars, sometimes adding wreaths on the front door of their houses. Another popular Christmas tradition is to sing Christmas carols.

It is a time of good gift exchange, celebration and enjoyment of good food. Nothing beats the fun and good times with family and friends. Presents are opened on different days all over the world as well; Christmas is perhaps the most anticipated and longest event of the year.

The beautiful coincidence this year is that the birthday of Mohammed and the birthday of Jesus Christ fell on the same day! This is a good occasion for us to remember that we worship the same God through different messengers, but that God messengers preach love, tolerance, and appreciation of the other. In 2016, let us hope to spread peace and love.
Merry Christmas, Blessed Mawlid, and Happy New Year to everyone on earth.