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Learn French in Rabat, Morocco

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Why Learn French in Rabat, Morocco?

The linguistic situation in Morocco is diverse and culturally enriching. The languages spoken in Morocco are Tamazight, Moroccan Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, French and English. Modern Standard Arabic and English are spoken most of the time with foreigners from the Middle East or the western world. Although French is not considered an official language, its use among Moroccans is widely spread in big cities. It is the language of businessmen and academics who got a francophone education in France.


In Morocco, it is very difficult to get an administrative job if you do not speak French, which remains a major way for carrier and professional promotion. Many Moroccans consider French as the tool which would allow Morocco to be open on modernity and the outside world.

In recent years, there is more interest in English as the international language of communication and business transactions but French is so deeply rooted that its status in Morocco will continue to be the most dominant “prestigious” language in the years to come.

The impact of the French language and culture is very noticeable in Morocco. Moroccans switch from Moroccan Arabic to French in their daily conversation without paying attention to the shift from one language to another. French is also the dominant language in banks and business transactions, Radio and TV channels and in newspapers and Magazines.

CCLT offers French courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. It also offers emersion programs which include content courses in French such as, “Sub-Saharan immigration”, “The Aftermath of the Arab Spring”, “The History of Morocco and North Africa”, “Gender Studies”, and “Maghrebian Francophone Literature”. The student will live with host families where French is spoken and enjoy French cultural activities, lectures and trips. The main objective of the program is to immerse the student in a rich environment which enhances French learning and intercultural understanding.

Tuition for 6-week courses: $1,070
Tuition for 3-week courses:  $615
Tuition for 1-week course: $200

Homestay: $20/day. A private space + 3 meals included
Homestay Placement Fee: $30, paid before joining family

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