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About CCLT English Programs:

The cultural Center for Language and Training (CCLT) offers courses in English as a foreign language for the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels and junior levels for kids, providing high quality courses for adults and kids all year around designed to develop your child’s confidence in English . We offer General English, Business English and exam preparation courses. We are committed to providing the very best environment for learning English.

Learning English with CCLT is your key to master very good speaking skills, which will pave the way for you in the future. CCLT thoroughly works hand in hand with professional qualified instructors in order to maintain the ability to improve their skills and abilities.

We bare in mind that our students are unique with different needs and different goals, from the first contact with CCLT we will provide you with all what you need.

The principal objective of the language section of the course is to gain self-confidence in using English in your daily life. We will cover all language skills: grammar, speaking, reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

We focus on speaking and developing skills to talk about oneself; one’s culture and background, describing feelings, expressing needs and opinions. In addition to grammar drills, listening to CDs, watching video clips, reading articles, playing games etc., with the use of the latest teaching methods and technology to try to ensure this.

We will use the student’s own experiences as a basis for the speaking activities. The main goal is to have fun while gaining the self-confidence to express oneself in English.

As for kids We encourage children to talk, play and interact with each other and we help them practice their speaking, listening, reading and writing in courses that are arranged by language level and age group to provide the best possible learning environment for your child.

The course will require active participation and willingness to do some homework after classes.

English programs, Key Facts:

  • You’ll learn English with highly qualified experienced and professional teachers.
  • Communication is of utmost importance to us hence, the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are carefully integrated in each class session.
  • CCLT’s staff is devoted to each student; every student will find the support and services for a pleasant and effective learning experience.
  • CCLT’s material is well designed to suit their needs and to make students take a bite from the language, taste it and improve their proficiency at it by using a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum.
  • CCLT aims to create an environment that is fun and interactive, one believes that if students enjoy the classes, they are more motivated to pursue their hopes, dreams and of course studies.

Material used

– Interchange fourth edition by Jack C. Richards

English programs Rabat: books

– Connect 1, 2 and 3

English courses: materials

Program dates

Program Dates
First Term October 3rd – December 4th
Second term December 14th – February 19th
Third term March 1st – May 3rd

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Subscription: 100 Dh

Fees: 600 dh / 30 hours All (levels)

Evening classes: from 6h30 till 8h00 pm.
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