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Combined Classes with Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (Darija) or Modern Standard Arabic Plus

In order to provide a more fulfilling experience, CCLT offers combination options whereby our students can pair their Moroccan Colloquial Arabic (Darija) or Modern Standard Arabic lessons from the morning with a fun and culturally rich afternoon experience. Below are descriptions of what each combination can offer in order to meet the varied desires adventurers like you!

Join a Moroccan family during your stay in Rabat in order to make the most out of your stay here! People often miss out on what really makes the culture when they elect to stay in hotels; living in a home-stay, you will eat like a Moroccan and have a second family with whom you will socialize the way you would back home!

MSA or CMA/ Darija and Cooking Courses

For those who love the culinary arts, this is definitely the right choice! Immerse yourself in the art of cooking and impress your friends back home with a variety of delicious and nutritious Moroccan dishes. You’ll join the family twice a week and learn to make couscous, tagines, harira, and much more!

MSA or CMA/ Darija and Music courses

Calling all music enthusiasts, musicians, and novices alike! This classical Arab instrument and ancestor of the modern-day guitar has served as the basis for countless songs sung throughout the Arab world until today!

MSA or CMA/ Darija and Pottery

Make a beautiful vase, an elegant bowl, or whatever your heart desires as you work side-by-side with local artisans in a traditional guild. A homemade gift is wonderful for any person and any occasion!

MSA or CMA/ Darija and Calligraphy

Learn about the delicate art of calligraphy and its many styles from renowned a calligrapher! With this option, you will also learn to make your own works of art using Arabic letters to shape them into something beautiful!

Length of Time Darija + Cooking Darija + Music Darija + Pottery Darija + Calligraphy
1 Week $ 1,201 $ 1,424 $ 1,424 $ 1,479
2 Weeks $ 2,201 $ 2,647 $ 2,647 $ 2,757
3 Weeks $ 3,201 $ 3,870 $ 3,870 $ 4,035
4 Weeks $ 4,201 $ 5,093 $ 5,093 $ 5,313
* Prices include host family and three meals per day.
** Enrollment fee: $ 165 (USD)
*** Didactic materials $ 50 (USD)