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For more information about the short-term programs below, please contact us.

  • Academic / Cultural field trips

Academic trips are one of the main highlights of our program. As part of the CCLT philosophy, we believe that they are an essential component to the overall learning experience. An academic trip is centered on a theme or themes chosen by the director of the visiting program. A syllabus related to the theme(s) and itinerary are provided in advance and finalized with the director of the visiting program.

The syllabus outlines what will be done and clearly states the objective and theme(s). Included is the list of readings to be done before arrival in order to make the most of the lectures. A university professor will accompany visitors and give onsite lectures. A national guide will also be present to give visitors insight into the different regions seen along the trip. Each trip would include visits to NGOs, official government offices, historical monument, rural areas, and lunch or dinner with locals which are another key element that serves to broaden visitors’ understanding of Morocco.

  • Customized Programs

Our customized programs are tailored to serve the needs and wants of the director of the visiting groups. The program could focus on one or more themes and could include one or two content courses, guest lectures related to Moroccan society and culture, Arabic teaching, academic trips, internships, and visits to NGOs in Rabat, Fez or in rural areas. Syllabi will be provided in advance with details about the Arabic language and content courses.