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Pre-service and In-service Training: English as a Foreign Language

Target trainees:

This course targets language teachers in primary schools, junior high, and high schools who have no theoretical background in teaching English as a foreign language. Some teachers may have teaching experience but little practical training, and others may have no training at all. All trainees should be BA holders with a competence in written and spoken English that is sufficient enough to participate actively in the course.


The course is carefully designed in order to achieve the following :

Improve language teachers’ awareness of language knowledge and familiarize them with English terminology used for teaching English as a foreign language.

Extend their practical theory of their teaching/learning environment.

Deepen their understanding of the material and resources used in class and teach them how to evaluate, modify, or supplement these tools to adapt to the general curriculum and the students’ level.

Encourage practice so that teachers reflect on their practical theory and find ways to improve their practices through self-reflection and peer evaluations.

Refine their lesson planning and decision-making before, during, and after teaching.

Extend their knowledge of students’ assessment and feedback.

For more information about the syllabus and cost, please contact us.