Testimonials: LIU Global’s students, November 2015

Mohamed Baghdadi
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Mausoleum Mohamed 5, LIU GLobal's group

CCLT was a great center. Everything that we did here informative and oppened my eyes to so many things. The staff here was very funny and helpful always. Whenever we needed them, they was always there. My host family was great. They reminded me of my own family. Overall, my Morocco trip was fantastic. I would definitely come back again.

Jenay Bell – LIU Global
November 2015

CCLT provided a great experience in Rabat. Really awesome staff! Saber showed us a great time, Fatima was super crazy and really fun, and Ghizlane was great to see every morning, she was always sweet (like SOKAR) and taught me the right way to prepare tea! Great location! Awesome speakers! I hope to make it back to Rabat someday soon and I will be sure to visit! Two thumbs up!

Santiago Sanchez y Lucero – LIU Global
November 2015

My stay in Morocco has been one of the best experiences. It has taught me so much about the culture, religion and politics. Also, the teachers that we had here were really good.
About Morocco, I loved their culture, the products that I saw in the medina, the host family was amazing and CCLT staff has been really helpful and very cool.
In all, this has been an unforgettable experience.

Alejandra Moline (Peru – Lima) – LIU Global
November 2015

CCLT made my stay here in Morocco amazing! They were all so nice in making us familiar with the culture and people of the country. As soon we arrived, they made us feel at home with yummy Moroccan tea and couscous. With any problems, we could go to Fatima, Saber, Ghizlane and they always help. They also placed us with amazing host families. I recommend everyone to use CCLT during their stay in Morocco. The only thing I wish is that I could stay longer!

Samantha Dever (New York, USA) – LIU Global
November 2015

CCLT made my stay in Rabat an amazing experience! They made the transition into new place, new culture and living in a place where you don’t know the language very comfortable. From day one, we felt at home with yummy tea and amazing food and loving patient families.
Anyone lucky enough to come to Morocco is twenty time luckier if they come to CCLT!

Aida Enamorado – LIU Global
November 2015

CCLT is one of the most welcoming organization I’ve ever worked with. The staff is friendly, they’ve taken care of us at our needs, and they’ve gone above and beyond what we could’ve asked. Morocco is a hospitable country, and I thank CCLT for showing us a wonderful and educational time.

Rachel Magruder – LIU Global
November 2015

CCLT, Lovely place, Lovely environment. I felt very comfortable here. Saber is like an awesome big brother, who, which I love to bother and boss around. Other than that he helped me around Rabat when I need help to get something. Thank you so much for this experience. I hope to see you guys again, soon!

Caroline Gonzalez (CUCU, my Arabic nickname) – LIU Global
November 2015

It is my first time in Africa. I am supposed to find meaning in it; right? Lucky for me, I did not have to search for meaning; it was bestowed on me.
I love you Morocco. I love you Africa. Thank you for the eternal gift of experience. Thank you for the friendships forged and the stories that followed. I love you, I do; and a as a result of this love, while mourning is acceptable, I am not allowed to be selfish. I won’t allow myself to be. I must fight it. Indeed, I will not allow my frail human tendency to put you in a box. Morocco, Africa, like love, like god, like life, like a river, the moment I try to capture what you are, the more I try to grip you with these meager words, the further away from you do I find myself. Morocco, please continue to be; Africa, not for me, but for all, please stay strong. Be my worlds anchor. Faith is all I am left with. Love.

Craig Manbauman – LIU Global
November 2015

This has been such a humbling experience for me. For this being my first time abroad, I couldn’t have imagined it turning out any other way. Morocco is such a beautiful country and it feels AMAZING that I can actually say I’ve been to Africa! I truly wish that we could have spent more time here, but because of that I will definitely be making a trip back here. CCLT has made this experience even more rewarding. Always providing the resources I needed to get my work done. Everyone at CCLT was truly a blessing and I couldn’t thank you all enough for everything done.
After being here and learning about the culture as well as the difficulties the people here face, I would like to take everything I’ve learned here and try to make a difference for the future. So … with that being said I will definitely be coming back to Morocco! “Inchallah” the summer of 2016!!
Thank you again for everything

Nia Ryant (Brooklyn, New York) – LIU Global
November 2015

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